iDoc Gel Documentation Imager

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iDoc Gel Documentation Imager

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Since it nowadays becomes harder and harder to find the needed bench space for a gel documentation system our engineers took on the challenge and designed the new Intas iDoc Imager. Space-saving though still all-rounder. The new iDoc Imager can alternatively be equipped with a UV- or LED-transilluminator of the newest generation. Storage of the generated image files can be carried out via network, USB devices or internally.  


  • 12 Bit source signal / 4096 grayscales
  • Scientfic Grade Camera 5 MPixels
  • 16 Bit data saving / 65536 grayscales
  • 10,1 inch touchpanel, PC not necessary!
  • Touchscreen usable with gloves
  • Save your files on USB flash drive, local HDD or network devices
  • Ultra-high-speed motorized zoom lens
  • Pin sharp in each zoom step
  • One click imaging


  iDoc Imager
Chemiluminescence Western Blot No
Fluorescence (Blot & Gel) Yes
Bioluminescence No
Resolution 5 Mpixel
Field of View 13,5 cm x 16 cm
Dark Box
Inteligent Dark Box Controll Yes
Automated Light Source Yes
Door Security System Yes
Touch Screen 10.1 Inch or 12.1 Inch
Interface USB
Fluorescence Unit
Blue 470nm optional
Green 535nm optional
Red 609nm optional
NIR 770nm optional
UV-Transilluminator and EPI-LED 312nm / 366nm optional


Short list of compatible dyes

Alexa Fluor 488™ Alexa Fluor 546™  Alexa Fluor 680™ Licor IRDye 800™
Amersham Cy2™ Amersham Cy3™ Amersham Cy5™/Cy5.5™  
DyLight 488™ DyLight 549™ DyLight 649™  
Pro-Q Emerald 488™ Pro-Q Diamond™ Licor IRDye 680™  
Qdot 523™ Rhodamine™    
G-Dye100™ G-Dye200™ G-Dye300™ G-Dye400™

           This is an example of compatible fluorophores, there are more usable fluorescence dyes than the ones in this list.


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