Intas ChemoStar Touch
Notable features for the laboratory imaging of the future include advanced capabilities like space-saving sturdy all-metal construction of all ChemoStar darkrooms

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Intas ChemoStar Touch

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  • Fluorescence Imaging System
  • ECL Darkbox
  • Fluorescence Excitation Light
  • ECL Chemiluminescence Fluorescence Imager



Focus on our new compact chemiluminescence imager with its optional fluorescence module. Notable features for the laboratory imaging of the future include advanced capabilities like space-saving sturdy all-metal construction of all ChemoStar darkrooms. Interchangeable high-power fluorescence LED Cubes with spectra ranging from UV to NIR. Highest precision in detection of even the weakest signals due to the use of one of four highly sensitive CCD cameras with 3.2 up to 9.2 megapixel. Manual or motorized 25 mm lenses with an extreme light yield of F0.95. Exchangeable UV-, White-, CyanLED- (Blue/Green) and BlueLED-transilluminators for every of your needs. New automatic 64 bit ChemoStar image acquisition software for use with Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Chemiluminescence Imager


  • High-End camera with 6 MPixel (interpolated up to 18 MPixel)
  • True 16 Bit scientific grade CCD sensor
  • 65.536 levels of grey for precisest quantification
  • QE 72% at 450 nm, optimized for chemiluminescence
  • Strong active cooling, ideal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Extremely fast lens F0.95 / 25 mm
  • Automatic lens control available
  • Image acquisitoon software optimized for touchscreen
  • User-friendly workflow with automated image capturing
ChemoStar Fluorescence Light Source:

Intas Fluorescence Light                                                  Competitors Fluorescence Light
Fluorescence light source   Fluorescence light source
 - 5 Pulsed LED‘s per cube    - 1 Pulsed LED per spot
 - 40 mm x 40 mm light aperture    - 25 mm Light aperture
 - For large applikations like 2D Dige Gels    - Only for small applikations

 - No reflection on target 



 - Reflectively on gels


 Illumination with cubes   Illumination with spots

Multispectral Imaging with Intas Application Pool:

Fluorescence Channel: Blue 535nm   Fluorescence Channel: Red 716nm 
 Fluorescence Channel: NIR 800nm   Fluorescence Channel:Overlay



  ChemoStar Touch
ChemoStar Touch Plus
Chemiluminescence Western Blot Yes Yes
Fluorescence (Blot & Gel) optional optional
Bioluminescence Yes Yes
CCD Sensor Scientific grade Sony ICX 694 ALG Sony ICX 694 ALG
Resolution 6 Mpixel 6 Mpixel
16 Bit A/D Converter 65.535 Greyscales Yes Yes
Qe 72% at 450nm 72% at 450nm
Cooling ∆T = -35°C ∆T = -35°C
Field of View 13,5cm x 16,5cm 17 cm x 21 cm
Dark Box
Inteligent Dark Box Controll Yes Yes
Automated Light Source Yes Yes
Door Security System Yes Yes
Touch Screen 10.1 Inch or 12.1 Inch 10.1 Inch or 12.1 Inch
Interface USB USB
Fluorescence Unit
Blue 470nm optional optional
Green 535nm optional optional
Red 609nm optional optional
NIR 770nm optional optional
UV-Transilluminator and EPI-LED 312nm / 366nm optional optional



















Short list of compatible dyes

Alexa Fluor 488™ Alexa Fluor 546™  Alexa Fluor 680™ Licor IRDye 800™
Amersham Cy2™ Amersham Cy3™ Amersham Cy5™/Cy5.5™  
DyLight 488™ DyLight 549™ DyLight 649™  
Pro-Q Emerald 488™ Pro-Q Diamond™ Licor IRDye 680™  
Qdot 523™ Rhodamine™    
G-Dye100™ G-Dye200™ G-Dye300™ G-Dye400™







This is an example of compatible fluorophores, there are more usable fluorescence dyes than the ones in this list.


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