Trifoil InSyTe FLECT/CT
With the FLECT system, TriFoil enables researchers to realize the full potential of in vivo optical imaging for small animals.

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Trifoil InSyTe FLECT/CT

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True 360° Tomographic Optical Preclinical Imaging
With the FLECT system, TriFoil enables researchers to realize the full potential of in vivo optical imaging for small animals. FLECT allows researchers to capture true 3D tomographic images by acquiring projection images 360° around the animal subject and sequent accurate image reconstruction.
With the FLECT system, researchers will no longer have to choose between imaging only near the surface of the animal subject and partial tomography solutions that distort the subject or create artifacts. Instead, the FLECT provides uniform sensitivity and resolution throughout the animal subject. For the first time, researchers will be able to examine deep tissue phenomena such as spontaneous metastases without sacrificing image quality or quantitative accuracy.


FLECT (Fluorescence Emission Computed Tomography) reconstructs the 3D tomographic images from the photon emission data acquired 360° around the animal subject (projection images) using a state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction engine based on an accurate model of light propagation in biological tissue. The result is the most accurate optical quantitation available.

The FLECT laser excites the fluorophore inside the animal subject, causing the fluorophore to emit light at a different wavelength, or fluorescence. The fluorescence is recorded by an array of detectors around the animal subject. Then the gantry rotates, changing the position of the laser and detectors, for acquiring data at a different angle. This process is repeated again and again until the subject has been imaged at all angles covering 360° for each individual slice. The animal bed is then moved to the next slice position so that the animal subject can be imaged along its entire body.



 Standard laserns (nm)   642, 705, 730, 780 
 Standard emission filters (nm)    695, 710, 803, 853
 FOV  50mm x 140mm (trans axial x axial)  40mm x 130mm (trans axial x axial) 
 Bore size   50mm 
 Concentration sensitivity    ~ pmol/mm³
 Dynamic range   1011 (110 dB to 120 dB)
 Integration times     ranging from 500 µs to 10 s
Reduction   Up to 64x reduction in noise 
Spatial resolution  as low as 1mm  
Magnification  2.1  
Pixel size  75µm  
 Detector active area  115mm x 65mm  
Spot size  50µm  
Power  50W  
Max current 1mA   
Energy range 30 kVP to 50 kVp   



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